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In the holiday of “Purim” In the Synagogues at the time the cantors read “The Magilla Ester” and when the cantors read the word “Hayman” one of the pillar characters in the “Magilla” the audience “Boos” the name Hayman, and creates noise with any instrument that they can reach around themselves. The “Raashan” is a Hebrew name, this is the instrument you see in the picture. In order to operate this instrument there is a device in the horizontal part which makes the noise. You do not need the perfect imagination to imagine the total capacity of the amount of noise that these instruments could create. This noise and the “boo” that the people release with it is a metaphor to put down “Hayman” his character and his wishes to destroy the Jewish people at the time in the city of “Shushan” the capital of old Persia of ancient time. This piece represents the story of the “Purim” holiday. We are dealing with ten sounds of “Hayman” which has been hung on the Noose. He prepared to hang “Richous Mordekhy” On the top of the Metaphor tree “Noose” which “Hayman” had planned to hang “Mordakhy." And on the other side of the Raashan you can see the “Hayman” figure slapping himself on his forehead wondering how his luck had turned around. In the Jewish heritage we know a behavior when you turn a subject around some other subject the meaning is Sacrificing exactly like we sacrifice roosters before “Rash Hashana” above the head of a family member, and send the rooster to be slaughtered. This piece has been casted in Silicone bronze and plated silver. There is also a special stand that would be available in order to display this piece as you see on the screen.
Avi Binur
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Purim Shpil Noise Maker
Sterling Silver

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