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We recommend using the, "Mezuzot" for the front door, only when the front door is protected with a gate or within a secured building.
The, "Mezuzot" may also be ordered with a stand comprised of acrylic or wood.  They will artistically adorn desks, counters or other pieces of furniture either in homes or offices.  The, "Mezuzot" will be packaged to ship within a rectangular box with a clear top so the contents will be visible to you.  We are currently working on smaller, "Mezuzots" for internal doors to be placed within the home or office.
In the event of selling through stores, the "Mezuzot" will contain two parts.  The, "Head" and the "Tube" will be permanently glued on one side.  The scroll will be placed inside and will be adhered.  Or, it will be shipped without the bottom part being adhered and will be loose in order for the client to put the scroll within the "Mezuzot", put the bottom part on with either glue or attach it with a screw which will be supplied as well.
Each "Mezuzot" will be shipped with a certificate of authenticity attached to it.  We have artistically created this certificate for its bibical journey.  We will show you this certificate before it is sent to the customer.  In addition, there will be a cover page which has 1/3 of an 8 1/2 x 11, heavy stock glossy paper with the logo, "The Golden Streets of Jerusalem" together with general information.  This cover will also be sent, in the event of shows or exhibitions as a business card to the public.
Avi Binur
Product Name:
Noah's Arch
7”x7/8” Diameter
Sterling Silver

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