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Click on the images to see the story behind these one of a kind pieces of art.


The Sacred Names of God According to the Kabbalah, God has 72 sacred names, consisting of three letters each. Each letter combination has profound meanings and is a code for activating different kinds of energies for helping in different aspects of our lives. The 72 Names of God create a powerful spiritual frequency, which can assist in overcoming the negative energy of the human ego. The 72 names of God offer us direct contact with the infinite spiritual abundance that nourishes the soul. Connecting with these sources of spiritual power offers protection from danger and tribulation and opens a doorway to a life of happiness and complete satisfaction. Some aspects of Kabbala have been studied and used by non-Jews for several hundred years. These rings protect the wearer as well as anyone who looks at it and believes in the power.


P.S. Dear Valued Customer: You may order any size to fit, as the ring will be prepared & casted to your liking


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Laad #101






Ayin-Lamed-Mem Sofit #4

Helps the brain to think positively.



Mem-Hay-Shin #5

For healing.


Kaf-Hay-Taf #8

Helps remove negative energy.


Alef-Lamed Dalet #10

Envy; "Removes the evil eye," Connects us to rebirth.


Yud-Yud-Yud #22




Milla #23




Alef-Nun-Yud #37

Removes the "I," The big ego


Samech-Alef-Lamed #45

Draws sustenance to us for financial success.


Reish-Alef-Hey #69

Helps us keep our sights on spiritual values. For spiritual understanding to see the truth.


© Avi Binur June 2010


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